Security Solutions

How secure is your network?

MIS Firewall

What would you do if your data was stolen? How would you tell your customers that all of their personal information is now in the hands of a criminal? Everyday thousands of networks are cracked. Some of these companies never recover and are bankrupt within months.

Fortunately MIS has a solution for this on going epidemic. Our firewall product was developed by some of the worlds top network security professionals. It is simply unbreakable. In fact, we have invited some of the worlds most notorious hackers to crack it, and none have been successful.

Security Penetration Testing

You may be surprised to know how many flaws there are in your choice of operating system. The cyber criminals, known as "hackers" know all of the common security weaknesses and if you don't, you are a target. You may say, "but what can they do to me? ... I don't have anything here for them to steal." The fact is, you do, whether you realize it or not.

Some hackers don't really care what is in your system. They may just want to use your Internet identity to move on to bigger and better computers. If this happens, the authorities may trace them back to your computer, and you could be blamed.

Another reason you are a target is that a hacker can use your computer to act as a server. Hackers seeking to use your computer to distribute pirated software, can cause immeasurable difficulty. The hacker simply opens a door to your computer where their friends can come in and download the illegal goods without you ever knowing. It can cause you a lot of unnecessary hassles, and is worth preventing. Most Internet service providers, will immediately cancel any account found to be distributing illegal software.

MIS can proform a complete security audit on your systems. We are aware of every common and uncommon weakness a hacker will use to break into your network, and can provide solutions to safeguard your business in the future.