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Internet Access

T1 - DSL - Cable

Gone are the days of modems and slow internet access. With the coming of T1, DSL and cable, transforming your internet experience has become affordable.

T1 technology is proving to be a cost-effective means of linking voice and data, both inter-office and intra-office, and serves as an alternative to high speed modems for data transport. T1 is a high speed digital network 1.544 mbps able to carry both your phone and data service all in one.

DSL is a high-speed data service that brings the Internet and all it offers to your home or office at speeds up to 25 times faster than a standard dialup connection.
DSL is always connected, like your electricity, so there's no need to wait for your modem to dial and negotiate a connection to the host. You can talk on the telephone while you surf the Webwithout a second telephone line.

Cable - Imagine leaping from web site to web site up to a hundred times faster than ever before. And downloading a 2 MB file in 10 seconds, instead of 9.3 minutes with a 28.8 telephone modem. Its faster, because it uses a superior digital fiber-optic network. No need for a designated phone line. And youre always connected. Theres no dialing up or logging on. We can get you connected across your entire network.