Backup Maintenance (Sample Restore Service)

Who is checking the Backups?

Most companies understand that their data is invaluable and could be disastrous if it was lost therefore they have some kind of backup plan that has been deployed.  The problem that exists far too often is that no one is paying attention to that plan.  Without checking all the parts of the solution, something stops performing and it is not discovered until there is a need for a recovery and the data is either not there or unrecoverable.  Our Backup Maintenance covers this problem.

What is a Sample Restore?

A regular Sample Restore can save you priceless losses in valuable data, time, and emotional distress by having MIS regularly test the effectiveness of your daily backups.  Having a backup solution in place is only part of the equation.  We go beyond just installing a backup solution by continuing to check the reliability of the software, the status of the target location of the backups, and do sample restorations of the data to insure that the data is backed up in a usable state.  Without doing Sample Restores you don’t know if you will be able to retrieve that invaluable data that you are relying on.

Scenarios that we have found:

Target Location (usually an external drive) has filled up and will not allow the current backup to complete.  Therefore no backups have run since this occurred.

Software was disrupted from a software update or unexpected reboot and is no longer running the backups.  Again no backups have run since this occurred.

If a tape drive is being used, the tape drive has stopped working or the tapes have failed and although the tapes have been changed faithfully, no backup have occurred.

If external drives are being used, the hard drive has failed or has been damaged from taking it on and off location and the data is unrecoverable.

The nightmare with all of these is if no one is checking on them than they are not found until the backups are needed and the file or data that is deleted, corrupt, or missing is not able to be restored.